Currently, over 2 billion people worldwide buy goods and services online. With an evergrowing need to prefer online stores to the brick-and-mortar ones, it is often hard to buy a product that is exactly how it looks online. Shopping for home decor online is surprisingly a new addition to e-commerce, and one of the major reasons for giant companies like Ikea to hesitate on taking part in e-commerce and for consumers to think twice before buying such decorations online is the issue of "How well are they going to fit in with the rest of the house?". E-commerce is a booming industry, and we found the growth of home decor online to be new-born but revolutionary. This inspired us to help out bridge the gap of uneasiness for home decor e-commerce by answering the biggest question yet.

What it does

This is where we, Decor.IT, come in. We aim to aid not only the companies in providing better visualization of their products(in 3d!) but also their customers by allowing them to shop for home decorations at their own ease while sitting in their pajamas and drinking wine at midnight, knowing that they can actually see how those items will look like with the rest of their house interior.

How we built it

Decor.IT uses 8th Wall API incorporated using JS and A-Frame html-extenision for rendering the 3D decor items into the viewfinder as Augmented Reality objects and the front end of the application has been built on react native.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge we ran into was being able to figure out how to code in javascript, because the requirements and specifications of our application were best suited to the use of javascript. The main challenge, however, was integrating our AR rendering API with the react-native application. We also ran into a bit of time issue and division in the beginning but figured it out pretty soon!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First of all, we're proud of completing our project well in time, test it out multiple times, make a short demo and practice out our pitch as well. Most of us had not worked with javascript before, so it was quite an achievement that we figured out how to use it, considering that most of our code is written in javascript only. We are glad that we planned everything before-hand, and worked throughout the Hackathon without a lot of stress. We are also extremely proud of being able to produce a product that can ease out the lives of many individuals of our time!

What we learned

We learned not a lot throughout the creation of our application as well as the whole Hackathon process. We learned the technical difficulties of a seemingly simple idea and how to tackle them, some of us learned to code in react-native and javascript, and how to build APIS and integrate multiple projects. Over and above this, all of us learned that while it is a 24-hr Hackathon, there is absolutely no compulsion to be stressed out for the whole duration of it, rather it is extremely beneficial to take breaks, listen to songs and rest for a while, and most importantly, it is essential to work as a team!

What's next for BU/Decor.IT

We aspire to take Decor.IT to a whole new level where we can integrate our application with leading companies like Ikea, Blu Dot etc. This will allow the companies greater flexibility by customizing the application according to their own needs and allowing their consumers, especially, to get a better visual experience for their products online!

Hope you all like our product!!!

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