Last week, the total of jobless claims in just five weeks exceeded 26 million in the US alone. That's more than all the jobs added in the past 10 years. We're inspired by the stories of those - some of whom, close to us - have lost their jobs, their income, and - in some way - their identify during these trying times.

What it does

BtW allows workers to look for and apply to positions at companies that are still hiring and could use their skill sets. Additionally, given how scarce such positions have become and how difficult companies find it to hire remotely, our platform also provided a marketplace for freelancing / jobs by the hour that can help workers remain active and support their families. It helps companies that can afford to hire to find some of the best candidates in the workforce; perhaps workers they wouldn't have the chance to hire, but because of circumstance that are now available and willing.

How we built it

We used Vue for the frontend, Flask and Node for the backend, MongoDB Atlas for the database, and AWS for servers and hosting.

Challenges we ran into

We built it from scratch for the hack:now hackathon; therefore, time was our key constraint. But we're excited and will continue to build it and launch it as early as in the next week. It's not hard to see why there's an immediate need for our solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with a high-impact idea in such a short period of time and being able to put together the right team to implement it and bring the solution live.

What we learned

It's harder to build fast something complex by working 100% remotely. As a matter of fact, our team had one member in the US, one in Italy, and two in Brazil (in different cities). But we guess everyone is facing the same issue at this time. The time-zone difference was a bit challenging to manage too. But we're proud of our project and ready to ship it soon!

What's next for BtW (Back to Work)

We now have a full workplan on a Trello board and several implementation discussions on Discord channels. We're planning a sprint over this coming week that will produce a "public alpha" version, ready to test in the US and Brazil alike.

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