Personally, we love the "Clue" board game, where you guess a murderer and where and with what they committed a murder. We're also ARMY, so we thought why not make a BTS version of Clue?

See the classic rules here: link

What it does

Plays the Clue game with a BTS theme - you act as a member, and figure out who stole Yeontan, and how and where they brought him.

How we built it

Mainly just working on one challenge at a time - focusing on small pieces, like getting the navigation to work, etc...

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time using Velo, which definitely was a learning curve, but honestly using Wix was awesome for getting built-in beautiful design elements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the game loop to work! It took ages to perfect, as the timeout wasn't working at first. We figured out how to create an interval within a loop, so that the AI Players would wait for the player to finish guessing.

Also, we refined a lot of functions and if statements - deleting many unnecessary ones so we could maximize our code.

What we learned

Tons about Velo! We thought the Wix collections and datasets were super user-friendly, and getting those to work was a fun challenge. We learned about query parameters, asynchronous functions, repeaters, and lots about array slicing and manipulation.

What's next for BTS Clue

Right now, the AI Players aren't quite intelligent - they have a set chance of winning upon each turn, but we want to build it out so that they make smart decisions based on their cards and the cards they get to see during the game.

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