Our inspiration was the annoying mass spam emails that we [Texas A&M students] get on a daily basis, and wanting to streamline relevant outreach emails to our main inbox.

What it does

This filters out those mass spam emails based upon your interests, so that you get what you want in your inbox, and the rest are redirected to a side folder that can be checked at leisure (or not at all :).

How we built it

After lots of research, we decided to use PyQt5 in Qt Creator to create a GUI that contains various check boxes. Python script was written and tested in PyCharm to generate a personalized XML filter file that can be easily imported to Gmail. Everything was later combined into Qt Creator to finalize the project.

Challenges we ran into

Almost everything was a challenge, but the hardest parts were figuring out the best way to parse Python to XML, and learning how to create a GUI that complemented the intended function.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Just in this demo, we are proud to say that you can now filter out approximately 75% of the mass spam emails that were previously all or nothing, opt-in or opt-out.

What we learned

Aside from learning how to parse Python to XML, create a GUI, setup Python packages, and use Github, we learned how to delegate and attack a problem from multiple angles and how to come and work together to create a successful solution.

What's next for BTHOspam

In the future, we plan on adding more filter options and functionality to the base filters as well as implementing it on the web with auto-import to gmail.

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