Bitcoin and other blockchain-based applications have been a hot topic recently, but many people do not consider the environmental impact caused by one of the core mechanisms which keeps the network running: mining.

What it does

Carbon BTC is a simple webpage which displays the current average network hash rate, and uses this to estimate the current network energy consumption. It then calculates the carbon emitted in the generation process of the electricity required for this level of energy consumption.


The network hash rate is estimated and pulled in from There is no way to know for certain the exact hash rate. Similarly, the energy consumption is also an estimate, based on the hash rate and energy consumption of the Antminer S9 mining rig. Energy efficiency of different miners will vary, so this is the biggest margin for error.

The carbon emitted for generating electricity is based on the UK grid, and as all miners aren't based out of the UK, this will likely be hugely inaccurate.

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