The corona crisis brings business and service providers to a turning point. Most of them are out of reach. Only those that will be able to adjust - might survive this crisis. Most of the business need to change the way they work - by starting delivery or remote services. Most of the customers are unaware of those changes.

What it does

Bswipe is a mobile application offering easy, intuitive and quick way to let customers interact with business and service providers. Let's take the grocery store next street as an example; nearby potential customers are all around, and most of them only know about the enterprise supermarkets. Using Bswipe, the grocery store owner can quickly open a profile and reach potential nearby customers, improving the marketing exposure of the business or service provider. Potential customers can easily swipe between business (just like Tinder/dating apps) and chat with the nearest business around.

How we built it

React Native - Native application for Android & IOS. Progressive web app (web) - React

Challenges we ran into

Helping businesses to open an attractive profile page in our app - using tools to make graphics.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ambition, good relationships with business

What we learned

Difficulties of business, how they changed during the coronavirus pandemic, how to bring attention to the small business.

What's next for Bswipe

Finish the development of the Android/iOS app, build a PWA, reach more business and service providers worldwide who will easily find new customers using our great innovative UI/UX.

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