The need:
BitcoinSV needs to grow in number of applications, number of daily transactions, spread global liquidity and rise in value. Because of generalized lock-downs, many people will suffer to bring food at the table.

The solution: The idea was to create a web app that spreads exponentialy by invitation only via family and friends, to establish a growing base of commited BSV users of a generated moneybutton that sends donations via microtransactions on a daily basis to spread microtransactions of BSV value and help people in need in the present economic depression.

Every invitee of the network will educate others, will help with the BSV onboarding process, will maintain a small amount in BSV in their wallets and will generate daily microtransactions.

With the idea to massively test the network and with a well established structure of incentives, we will generate many more daily transactions and usage of BSV wallets, via private invitation of family and friends to sponsor and donate other family and friends a small amount of BSV with an experimental incentive structure that will create BSV expansion without inflation.

What it does

Prepares a moneybutton for each member with the proper incentives to help the expansion of the network on a daily basis.

How I built it

The app is non custodial, we use moneybutton infrastrucure, node.js and flat html.

Challenges I ran into

How to create an on-chain expansive app without being a pyramid nor a ponzi and without controlling userĀ“s funds. We wanted 100% transparency and auditability of all transactions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We did it in a record time.

What I learned

The potential of BSV as a blockchain for micro-transactions, as a payment method and a way to save value without inflation.

What's next for BSV ADOPTION via education and experimental incentives.

To prepare education materials and tune the numbers for expansion.

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