Just stream it.


In today's world of fake news, hyperbole, and celebrity fluff, getting the news you actually care about can be frustrating. Whether the news you want to see is local, national, or global, Beastreaming can be the service to bring the news you care about to your fingertips.

What Beastreaming does

Beastreaming is a news stream content aggregator for both past and live news streams. Modern media outlets have become trove of fake news, hyperbole, and celebrity gossip to such an extent that finding reliable information is becoming increasing frustrating.

Our aim is bringing you the content you care about in a simple, easy to use interface. Get only the news feeds you want from the stations you care about whether you are looking for local, national, or worldwide news.

Beastreaming. Just stream it.

How we built Beastreaming

Beastream's development consists of a web application and Android mobile application.

The web application is built using Bootstrap and the Android application is built using Java, the Android API and SDK's, and the Youtube API for playing videos.

The web application is hosted serverlessly on Azure's web application service.

Challenges we ran into

  • Youtube API for integration of youtube videos and playlists into the Android application.
  • Determing a name for the service.
  • Incompatibility issues regarding mobile device VR systems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Multi-activity development on the Android system.
  • Use of Azure's serverless cloud hosting service.

What we learned

  • Utilizing Bootstrap for web development.
  • Android Development utilizing API calls and multiple activities.
  • Serverless Cloud Hosting with Azure.

What's next for Beastreaming

Beastreamings' immediate future delves into user accounts for storing user preferences regarding the type of news they want to see, whether they want to choose subjects including sports, politics, economics, and more or choose their preferred news sources based on location. This goal is closely tied to creating an alogrithm to determine the correct videos to feed to our users.

In looking to provide the most immersive experience possible for our users, development of VR theater mode and support for 360 degree news streams once they become mainstream for mobile VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR system.

Finally, while Beastreaming could bring the news people actually care about to their fingertips, every service needs funding, so a revenue stream through a mixture of unobtrusive ads, Javascript bitcoin mining, and paid subscriptions are all options we can explore to fund Beastreaming for long-term development and delployment.

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