We know evolution is the key to success and being smart is synonymous to evolution in today's epoch. It's not just everyone who wants to be smart, it is every THING that wants to be smart... And that became our inspiration, to make everything around us smart and making it fun using facebook's Augmenting Reality- Spark Studio. Our vision originated with the thought, that in the near future we all will be augmenting our eyes with some or the other kind of AR devices and therefore creating utilities for tomorrow would not just be fun but important as well.

What it does

In the near future augmenting reality shall take over our lives not just in the form of snapchat filters and games, but it shall span through a bunch of different sectors such as healthcare, defense, education, transport etc. Thus, we have created a utility based Augmented Reality application, that controls automated appliances and vehicles over Internet of Things.

How we built it

We implemented Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol (MQTT) for Internet of Things and established a publisher-subscriber model between our local server (running Node.js) and raspberry pi which was connected to a simple LED bulb. We used facebook's Spark AR STUDIO to create a hand tracking AR gesture to control the LED bulb without any sensor, and just simple networking protocols. We also used SmartCar API to unlock the real Tesla car using the same gesture methods and a superhero-ish emitter around the hand to add a futuristic touch.

Challenges we ran into

  • We expected to integrate the Spark AR studio with techs such as real time object detection which would have been very vital for smart homes, but could not do that due to certain version limitations of Spark AR.
  • We discovered that AR studio does not integrate with a localhost server, but only an https server due to which we had to make our localhost public (vunerable at most!!)

  • AR studio emulators have bugs too. A simple one that we faced was in the emulator- the JSON.stringify function returns a bit of skewed format

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully controlled an IoT based appliance using AR
  • Successfully controlled a smartcar using AR

What we learned

  • Although Spark AR studio focuses on augmenting reality,it can be layered with a lot of features, and can be used as a platform for IoT by giving its own SDKs for it, if it is developed that way.
  • We are proud that we learned a new tool within a span of 1 day
  • We explored more about IoT and Augmenting Reality as well
  • We also got a lot of other areas and ideas that we can explore

What's next for bSmart

  • Next thing would be definitely to control houses wearing spectacles or a small AR device in front of your eyes- a simple swish of your hand would unlock real house doors and send messages to your loved ones, like pictures on facebook --- or maybe give birth to a new era of Social Networking.
  • Integrating computer vision and real time object detection
  • Integrating with areas stretching from dietary plans recommendations in your AR devices to manufacturing industries, from medical & hospitals to defense systems

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