So one of us had this keyboard for over an year and was always addressed with questions such as "do you play this keyboard?, How well do you know to play" and stuff like that by his visitors at home.

How we built it

We used a regular digital keyboard CASIO WK 200 for this project. We hacked the keyboard to retrofit them with these really cool 2812 b RGB LEDs. On the software part, we used JavaScript for most part of the coding, using Electron for developing the cross platform Desktop Application, Python backend for the services. And the hardware consists only of an Arduino flashed with a modified version of Firmata to control the LEDs and MIDI port of the keyboard for communicating keypress/feedback from the keyboard.

Challenges we ran into

Lots of Soldering, Resoldering and lot more of it, Oh boy, What a hackthon this was:P We had issues with the mode we communicated with the arduino for turning on the huge strip of LEDs that we created, this caused a lot of issues in terms of the minium Frame Rate constraining to about 50 ms and that had to be handling really ingeniously using the software we developed. And Ofcourse the immense attention that we recieved( It was the most fun device out here after all)

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We finished what we aimed at and came out with our first prototype within our goal time. We now have a prototype which about 76 people have beta tested over the last 2 nights and we now have a solid reason to believe that our product fits in as a perfect collaboration app between the beginners and the experts with a keyboard/piano. We are overwhelmed by the support and the interest shown by the people around us in the hackathon and we really have big plans to take this idea forward.

What we learned

We learned alot about Music:P?, MIDI, oh ya a lot about it. But we learnt a lot, from prototyping a really hacky hardware for all the keys of the keyboard and to develop JS app in a framework called Electron

What's next for B#?

Okay, now that one of our members doesn't have to give any excuses anymore when people pose him with questions, lets see what else is in store for B#. Interestingly, we are planning to move ahead with this idea and develop the app and the hardware further in iterations to see how our consumers would like it. Adding more features to our product apart from the now existing recommendation techniques, Simple Light Follow mode, Learn Mode and Expert Mode and App Store, we are planning to come out with a whole new set of exciting features.

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