## BSafe

Our aim is to develop an affordable wearable safety device (which is hidden from the predator) supported by an app which sends a message with the person’s location to the safety contacts and starts a loud alarm noise when it senses an attempt of sexual harassment on the victim. This system can also be connected to additional accessories like a pendant which could be used as a onetime pepper spray which will be triggered at the time of the incident to prevent the mishap like rape, kidnapping etc. The wearable device can be attached to the bra and worn over it, if a predator tries to grope the lady the sensors in the bra trigger the messages, alarm, pepper spray etc. USP of our product:

• The predator is unaware that the person is wearing a safety device, so he cannot plan to escape the safety features in advance.

• The product will be comfortable to wear and cause no discomfort to the person wearing the device.

• Even when the lady is unable to respond due to the panic situation, she can be helped.

• Cost effective

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