bSafe is a free mobile safety alarm designed for those who want added security. With bSafe you never walk alone!   Many have felt the fear of walking alone, especially in the dark. With the media full of stories about rape and assaults it’s only natural to ask yourself, could this happen to me?   We all carry cell phones, so it’s only natural to make our phones into a safety device if needed. Most people already rely on their cell phone when feeling unsafe. Who hasn’t had the phone ready in hand when walking alone at night? Or called someone to keep them company? Some even pretend to be speaking with someone to avoid getting approached by strangers.   Bipper bSafe is a personal safety alarm designed for those who want added security when walking alone. Create your own personal safety network of “Guardians” who easily can be notified in case of emergency or in situations you feel unsafe. By pressing the red SOS button, bSafe instantly connects you to your Guardians. They will receive a call and sms showing your location.  bSafe also gives the user the ability to simulate an incoming call giving nearby strangers the impression that someone is calling. The user also has the option to check where he/she is located.  In addition, if the user has opened the app the phone will not lock up which allows the user to alert their “guardians” with only one tap, saving valuable time in the process. bSafe is available in the Android market, search bSafe. iPhone and Blackberry versions available October 2011

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