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We are single af and we need some love.

What it does

You can choose between 5 types of boyfriend (romantic, clingy, perfect, bad boy, and naughty ;) ) and converse with him. You can do many things like set up a date, get married, have an interesting conversation, and many more. (extra: get hot guys pics)

How we built it

We used Dialogflow which uses Google's Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Anthony used Photoshop to make the cute icon.

Challenges we ran into

The bot behaved in a weird manner sometimes but we forgive him because he's always trying to become a better boyfriend <3.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a boyfriend. We fulfilled unique requests from our beta users.

What we learned

It's not easy to be a perfect boyfriend.

What's next for BS - Amicable Nice And Loving Bot

Try it out yourself @AmicableNiceAndLovingbot on Telegram We strive to add more features to our boyfriend as to please lonely girls out there. And maybe make a female version for the desperate guys?

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