Have you ever had a hard time finding restrooms in pain? In this world, there are many types of waste of time that are unworthy of investment to make our life better. A time finding restrooms with pain is an example of a waste of time which does not make our life more happy with spending these times.

We (EverySecond Inc.) use technology to compress/save these unhelpful times for people, and let people reinvest these saved times to make our life better as a consequence of compressing needless times. In other words, we call it as "Time Refactoring". BRX is our first service to refactor times in this world that are clearly unnecessary for our happiness. The amassed time saved from finding restrooms at a global level is enormous enough to reinvest the time to improve/enjoy our life.

"Just talk to BRX. Save your time in the future."

(The current version only covers Japan but overseas expansion is in Scope.)

What it does

  • A chatbot finds nearby restrooms

How I built it

  • The chatbot (BRX) is a hybrid messenger application built through Amazon Lex and uniquely developed webhooks. Used Management Console to build Lex and Heroku for webhooks. The function of searching nearby restrooms with acquiring current location called from Heroku was automatically deployed from API Gateway/Lambda/DynamoDB through utilizing Serverless Framework.

Challenges I ran into

  • To build the application as a hybrid messenger chatbot consisting of Amazon Lex and uniquely developed webhooks.
  • Applied Lex for interactive mode
  • Ran Lambda function to search DynamoDB through API Gateway with building endpoint on Heroku for the function of searching nearby restrooms using current location
  • Heroku will be on API Gateway, and Lambda function for the searching will be shifted to CloudSearch

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Built a chatbot which is a practical to save people's time based on Lex/AWS technologies with combining our uniquely developed webhooks by a team.

What I learned

  • Technical collaboration of Lex and Lambda
  • Technical collaboration of API gateway and Lambda
  • Serverless framework
  • Creating a hybrid system component

What's next for BRX

  • The official service release in August
  • A booking function of nearby restrooms
  • Overseas expansion
  • Registration of restroom data by users
  • Rating of restrooms

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