The single largest infectious disease among children is tooth decay. The epidemic is global and growing. But human skill - toothbrushing skill - can vastly reduce this disease burden. We're here to offer that precious skill!

What it does

Brush Up walks a child through a brushing session using the Bass-Stillman technique - the gold standard of dental hygiene. Great science is not enough - the skill teaches with clever lyrics and great music and (in the case of Show) terrific animation of a toothy character, designed for unobstructed views of the teeth

How we built it

Dental skills from Dr Bob Jacobson Game Dev skills by Dov Jacobson Alexa Skills by Jesse Jacobson plus tons of talent from Steph Chergi, Jon Dameron and others

Challenges we ran into

Developing a clear language for children to indicate spatial relationships, dynamics and specific teeth.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First Prize - US Education Department Kid's Choice - Entertainment Software Association Innovation in Healthcare Technology - National Academy of Medicine First Prize - International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare

What we learned

We've learned, we must adopt the child's point of view.

What's next for Brush Up

We hope Amazon allows us to send a "Brushing Completed" message from the child's Dot to the Echo in the parent's room, so they know that this bedtime chore is accomplished

Skill ID: amzn1.ask.skill.a334e256-2507-4e07-99ac-d85bb2333dd2

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