Inspiration [The problem that our app is trying to prevent children from obtaining oral health diseases.]

Our Solution [Our app addresses young children from ages 6 to 11, helping them learn how to brush their teeth properly.]

Challenges [we ran into time management issues with our teammates. In order to facilitate this challenge we used google docs and we were able to work together more efficiently.]

Next steps [we plan to improve our app by adding a brushing technique video to enhance the user experience.]

What we learned [during our research for this app we learned how dental disease affects young and old. In addition, we now realize our strengths and weaknesses as we work together as a team.]

What's next for Brush Brush Baby [we plan to make our app available to pediatric dental offices in order to help with oral hygiene. During this process we hope to be able to provide Lenovo tablets to offices that may not have the available technology.]

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