We want to make writing, note-taking and drawing easy and free! Currently, writing depends heavily on expensive touchable screens, keyboards, or pen and paper. Our product takes the leap forward. Now you can write anything, anywhere with any device with a camera!

What it does

The system uses camera and a Bluetooth smartpen to track writing and image it simultaneously on other devices (eg. phone and PC)

How we built it

The system consists of a python-based computer vision software and an IoT smartpen. OpenCV is our primary tool to transfer pen tracks to viewable images, and the smartpen is built by assembling necessary components and 3D printing.

Challenges we ran into

Coding was a big challenge for us to realize such a complicated and advanced problem. It is also hard to design such a smart, portable IoT device as small as a pen. We managed to accomplished all of them by diligence!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Firstly, we finish our first 3D printing. Secondly, our image recognition functions works really well with locating the pixels of pen. Thirdly, we were able to create our very first primitive User Interface.

What we learned

Through the project, we learned numerous methods like 3D printing, android development, game development and openCV. Most importantly, we learned to cooperate in projects.

What's next for BruinPen

Next we will increase the sensing accuracy and calculation speed. Integrate the software into an actual portable device, preferably a phone. Also we can employ deep learning methods to allow us operate in a much more complex environment. Also with better hardware devices, we can shrink it into a size of finger.

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