We were inspired by the "Be Known" promise of George Fox University and we wanted to build a website that fully embodies that promise.

What It Does

It's an Event-Group Finder, meaning you can sign up for an account and have access to countless custom events made by fellow students or create your own!

How We Built It

We built it using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front end, and Python (Flask, SQLite3) for the backend and we have publicly hosted it on Amazon Web Services's EC2.

Challenges We Ran Into

There were challenges with the backend not quite working right all the time, and there were a couple people on our team who had never even touched some of the languages so they were learning from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Were proud of the complexity of our website, not only backend but also frontend considering the fact that some of use have never coded either.

What We Learned

Many of us learned various coding languages this weekend, as well as some about web-hosting. We also learned more about the software engineering process.

What's Next For Bruin Buddies

We want to implement some features like a event recommendation utilizing a real-time product recommendation system. Automatically provide events to choose from rather than creating a custom one Groupons In season Based on weather Based on area Automatically calculate distance to event using Geocoding API Have a working ‘join’ button and show how many people are joining an event Events disappear some time after the specified time of the event Users can delete their own events Improve UI navigation

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