At it's core, BruBudget is a Ruby on Rails web application that uses APIs and gems to help traveller's keep budget. The app makes it easy for individuals traveling to keep track of their budget, regardless of their location and the local currency. After studying abroad in France and Cape Town the past year, I realized that trying to document my finances was a constant struggle when I was always in a different country. While in France, I was in a new country almost every weekend, and remembering different rates and currencies, and how much I spent is a nightmare. BruBudget takes in a location, which can be anything, from a country, to city, to street, geocodes it using the Geocoder gem, and gets the rate from the home currency using the API. As a result, BruBudget makes it easy to keep track of my budget and expenditures even when I'm in a different country. The web app is available at

Note: As a free API, only has 31 currencies. In the future, more currencies can be added by using a paid API.

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