It was our first time at a Hackathon, so we decided to put our own enjoyment and quality of time there over accomplishing any of the verticals/ challenges set out by Treehacks itself. We made a promise to ourselves that as long as we were proud with what we created regardless of how insignificant or lackluster it may be compared to the real breadwinners, we’d be successful. So we started by just throwing random pitches about things we may be able to do. Eventually, Michelle suggested using Ren’Py to create a game. At first Kendrick thought it was a joke, but we ultimately decided to go through with it, and here we are now.

What it does

It’s a short visual novel game that puts you in the shoes of a high school student transferring to a new school. You, the protagonist, recently purchased a new laptop. However, you run into the struggle of not knowing which internet browser is right for you. When you attend school, you run into three students, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, who all have different personality types. Your experience with them will help you decide which internet browser you would like to use in the end!

How we built it

We used a program called Ren’Py that helps to create visual novel type of games. The program was made using Python and Cython, but writing out the actual code uses Python.

Challenges we ran into

Kendrick: I didn’t know how to use Ren’Py, so I had to adopt the “monkey see monkey do” mindset. It was rough, but I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent on this project. Michelle: One thing I felt like was a big problem was the amount of time that we were given. Me, with poor time management skills, was always distracted, but I was able to pull through and get the game finished.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being the first Hackathon we have ever attended, the entire game was a huge accomplishment for us. We had fun working together, laughing at all the scenarios and ideas that we came up with. Because we struggled so hard in the beginning, we feel so accomplished that we learned from these struggles and that we were able to pull through and get as much finished as we could. Although we did not entirely complete what we had planned for the story, we enjoyed ourselves and had a great time.

What we learned

Time management: sometimes one has to buckle down and just push through to get things accomplished. Teamwork: We were pretty much at different skill levels when starting this project. However, we both motivated each other to sit ourselves down and get cracking on this project. Relax: The last thing one wants to do at a Hackathon is stress out! People barely get enough sleep already. Working at one's own pace brought us a much more enjoyable experience at this first hackathon.

What's next for Browsing for the Right One!

Browsing for the Right One! Was ultimately cut short of what it was projected to be. So, as a possible future endeavor, we may expand the content of this shell of a game by adding what we intentionally wanted inside it before the reality of the situation took its toll: a deeper plot, more choices for the player to make, as well as multiple endings.

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