More than 3,500 refugees lost their lives at sea last year while trying to leave their war-torn home. The refugee crisis has ballooned into a humanitarian crisis which requires immediate action to help alleviate hundreds of thousands of dispaced lives.

Browse For Humanity is a parallel computing platform where clients can submit complex computational tasks to be solved by the power of our crowdsourced processing platform. All the revenue accumulated by each volunteer for sharing his processing power is directly donated to the refugee cause. Now, solving the refugee crisis is as simple as browsing the web.

This product connects researchers and professionals who wish to perform computationally intensive tasks with users who are willing to donate computation power to add some goodness to the world. The extension quietly keeps working in the background. The interface for users posting tasks involves a front-facing web application that allows convenient code typing and uploading along with task distribution files.

Technologies Used: The technology stack for this project was: Javascript, CSS, HTML, Python, Git, JQuery, and Flask. The backend involves a job scheduling system based on the Google Map/Reduce algorithm, which will distribute small tasks for particular jobs among users that are currently donating their processing power. The entire system is built around ease for both clients and users, which means that multiple users and clients can be using the application simultaneously through our multi-threaded server. Payment processing is integrated into the system via the Stripe API, allowing users to enter credit card information, and processing payment on data download.

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