We're trying to make it possible for you to get food on campus without having to stop studying (or get out of bed).

What it does

This app makes it easy to get food from anywhere on Brown's campus. Live in Pembroke and need a late night spicy with? Just make an order to Jos and have your peers deliver it to you. Need some extra cash for that poke bowl in Andrews, pick up a few orders and suddenly you've got it! Also you can use our own cryptocurrency, BrownByte, and be part of this emerging technology.

How I built it

We used react-native for the app and steller for the cryptocurrency.

Challenges I ran into

Cross-platform difficulties

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The beautifully incomparable, totally magnificent UI experience.

What I learned

How to better use react-native, node.js, expo, redux, and stellar.

What's next for BrownByte

Expansion to the other Ivy Leagues, then other colleges, and then the world.

Built With

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