We have a screen on our office wall that needs some purpose. So we though about a webpage that reads content from Slack (and possible more places) and displays it here. What could go wrong.

What it does

The application is a Web Application that reads content from multiple sources and displays rich content. It is capable of displaying text, images (from an URL) and auto play videos from youtube. On this stage it integrates with two services, Slack and Meetup. The first allows the application to listen to a channel on slack and any messages starting with 'bro:' will be sent to the screen. It will parse the messages and detect if it's text, image or a video. The second one will find Meetups near by and displays a quick description.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenges were related with the lake of experience with Meteor before the Hackathon. Since no one had any experience with that framework before.

What's next for Broway.IO

The way the application was built from the start allows the creation of countless integration to display more and interesting content.

Packages used

meteor-base mobile-experience mongo blaze-html-templates session jquery tracker standard-minifiers es5-shim ecmascript autopublish insecure iron:router fourseven:scss reywood:bootstrap3-sass momentjs:moment underscore http mrt:cron

Built With

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