r/HailCorporate is a collection of posts that users understand to be purposeful or blatent advertising on the content sharing platform, Reddit.

What it does

It's a reddit bot that comments on posts that it has determined to be advertisements or posts that would be likely to appear on r/HailCorporate

How we built it

We some services we used include Amazon Lambda, Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon Comprehension. Some packages we used are pandas, numpy, boto3.

We use Amazon Comprehension to generate features for our dataset and incoming labels. These features relate to the general sentiment of the comments on the posts and are weighted by the number of upvotes. We figure that if comments are rated negatively and upvoted highly the post is more likely to be sponsored, which would be interpreted by our machine learning algorithm.

Challenges we ran into

Getting good data is hard. Since we had to go through the whole data pipeline of collecting, analyzing, and modeling, there were a lot of issues with interfaces not working and cleaning the data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually seeing the bot comment on reddit posts using each part of our program and our algorithm was really cool.

What we learned

WOW! Hurry up and click the video!

What's next for BroughtToYouByBotToYouByCorporate

Comment on posts that we have a high confidence of sponsored content with on actual subreddits.

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