Being at home often results in an excessive emphasis on mundane tasks, especially when you have a rabbit at home who is not yet comfortable using the washroom! With tools at hand and our engineering skillset, we decided to build a solution that could take care of repetitive floor cleaning for us, without having to invest in more expensive technologies like a Roomba

What it does

Broomba comes with a water injecting module and 2 cleaners with 4 wheels so that it can maneuver in any direction. Its built is small and once you fill the water in its tank, it should be good to go for at least 1 room. In all Broomba is very capable of properly cleaning your floors. You can control this robot friend using your smartphone!

How we built it

Broomba's brain is one of the most fun and trusted microcontrollers, the Arduino! Along with DC motors, a motor driver to run the motors, and a Bluetooth module. The water pumping mechanism was customized by us, it is a 12V water pump that carries the water from the water tank and spills it near the mops on the floor.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the water pumping mechanism right was not easy, and working with lithium-ion batteries was also tricky. Building everything from scratch was challenging yet fun!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing Broomba, and cleaning up after our mischievous rabbit- Coco!

What we learned

Putting our problem solving abilities to test, we learnt how to make bot in a weekend!

What's next for Broomba

We would love to customise the app for Broomba and add more capabilities to it.

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