We noticed that roommate pairing at Rice was done manually by advisors during O-week, so we decided to create an automated process that matches roommates.

What it does

Our program automates the roommate selection process for specifically Jones college, meaning that it splits people by floor then pairs them up with the "scientifically best" roomate!

How we built it

Our program takes in attributes such as name, gender, temperature, sleeping times from forms and stores it as a csv file. Each of these attributes represents a coordinate with the value from 1 to 10. If there were n number of attributes, each roommate will represent a point in the nth-Euclidean space. We then calculate the Euclidean distance between each pair of roommate (the smaller the distance the higher the compatibility).

Challenges we ran into

As freshmen, we had limited knowledge of coding, so we had to search a lot of skills!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of how we are all first timers, but we managed to create a web app that has a functional purpose.

What we learned

We learned as a group how to use git to collaborate on the project, how to transform an idea and make it real.

What's next for Brones

We can expand it to include more than just freshmen (i.e. include matching upperclassmen to their rooms). We could also integrate machine learning to take in not just numerical responses, but also paragraphs in order to tell roommates and their hobbies. We could also expand this program to all the other colleges.

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