How can we address immediate food insecurity in students?

What it does

Lists students offering to share meal points with others.

How we built it

Website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a SQLite database, with a bootstrap template to kickstart the project and Node.js for runtime.

Challenges we ran into

Communicating between the SQLite database and the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a working responsive website as a team with most members having little to no experience in web development and minimal coding experience.

What we learned

We learned how to collaborate as a team and how to pool resources and ideas from different educational and cultural backgrounds into a cohesive project.

What's next for BroncoShare

  1. Use what we learned from modifying the template as a guide to build our site from the ground up
  2. Connect the database to the website for dynamic integration
  3. Improving the UX by adding a login system and better way to connect students
  4. Expanding to more broader uses like textbook sharing


Our Team

Brian Hong (Senior)

  • Major: Biochemistry

Addison Schwarz (Junior)

  • Major: Computer Science - Software Emphasis

Omar Ronquillo Medina (Junior)

  • Major: Communications & Spanish

Morgan Watts (Sophomore)

  • Major: Computer Engineering

Jacob Atkins (Sophomore)

  • Major: Political Science

Will Kibbe (First Year)

  • Major: Management Information Systems
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