Since inception, millions of acres sold!


Space colonization is here, where are you? We're so close to colonize space, at least in theories. But like we'll need a proper real estate system for that, right? Well Space Brokers is there for that exact purpose. Our website sells properties on space, it uses SOLARI (self made cryptocurrency) for the sale of extraterrestrial property within the confines of our solar system. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to get your very own piece of land on any planet you want!

What it does

Buying property on celestial bodies is exactly what our website offers. Steps to follow-
-Open website, and pass the human verification test. You gotta show an image to the webcam to be verified as an earthling. The image is at you can also find it in our image gallery. Once verified, you'll be redirected to homepage

Start buying the properties. Choose a celestial body of your choice (we've included 10)

you can have a 3D map view of the celestial body that you're interested in

as soon as you hit buy button, it'll redirect you to the payments page

you need to mine SOLARI using the option there, and then you can use it for payment

Congrats!! you bought a property in Space

Now you can take a picture on the land you bought and show it off!


For front-end, we used HTML-CSS, JavaScript. For Human verification, we used AR.js module that can detect markers on webcam. For 3D views, we used Three.js module. For validating SOLARI, we used blockchain technology. We used bootstrap and tensorflow to take picture on the land you bought.


Creating own cryptocurrency using blockchain was indeed challenging. Also, integrating everything together, from html to js, google cloud hosting to blockchain, it was tough too.


We're really happy that we were able to make a fully functioning website within the time constraint, integrating everything perfectly.


We learnt
Block chain technology and how to make an Api
how to include different js modules
how to apply different css effects
how to host a website using google cloud
how to use tensorflow js

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