BrokerHunt is our solution to using the datapoint from the dataset provided to us by FINRA for their Bitcamp challenge. Using this dataset we are trying to create a more personalized experience for investors to:

  • Explore brokers based on their needs.
  • Check if their current brokers are registered/licensed.
  • Compare 2 brokers / broker firms in order to aid their decision making.

BrokerHunt is a platform that provides "Find a Broker" option which is a survey that helps filter out the broker/broker firm lists based on the user's answers. It also provides "Introduction to Investment" links to provide newcomers information resources to understand basics on investments. For frequent investors, it provides a search engine to help them find their intended results. The survey also helps to gather information on the users which can be analyzed by FINRA to create products on the results.

BrokerHunt is our way of trying to engage the investors using the dataset on investment advisors.

Built With

  • sass
  • vanilla.js
  • vue.js
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