Trying out the various games in Alexa skill store, we wanted to create a game skill that will challenge the users at the same time we wanted to keep that skill more fun than the kind of educative. Thus we came up with the idea of a word game, where users have to find the 4th word based on the sequence of 3 words.

What it does

This is a very unique game where you have to complete a sequence. Alexa will give you the sequences with 3 items, and you have to guess the 4th item in the sequence. You will be awarded a coin for each right answer, the goal is to earn as many coins as possible.

For Example Oscar, Movies, Man Booker Prize, <>. What would be the next item in the sequence? The answer is 'Literature'. Easy right?

How I built it

We used ASK SDK for NodeJs and APL to build the skill. We begin with the voice as the first preference to make it suitable for users without a screen-device. Then we brought APL to make it more informative to those who own the device with a screen.

Challenges I ran into

The first and the greatest challenge that I faced was creating the APL. It took quite a time to get familiarize with it. Then comes to the real challenge: the content. Finding word patterns is easy: but finding a less serious and funny kind of patterns are not.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Invested good time in finding out the content that best suited for the skill and the result was good. Also, we made an APL skill for the first time and get a good idea about how it works.

What I learned

Good quality content makes a skill successful. The screen design is to be taken almost importance in case of multimodal skills.

What's next for Broken Sequence

More fun sequences, adding leader board.

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