We spoke with a psychology professor at our school about PTSD, and she told us how people suffering from PTSD, as well as depression and other anxiety issues, often get caught in a broken record of thinking. They repeat the same negative thing over and over to themselves until they can't get out of it. Our goal is to help people break out of their broken record cycle.

What it does

The Broken Record app allows users to verbalize and visualize their negative broken record. Verbalizing the thoughts will help them more clearly identify their broken record. They can then break the record by inputting positive thoughts, allowing them to focus on positivity in their lives.

How I built it

The app runs off of the PhoneGap platform. We built it with Javascript, HTML, and CSS. PhoneGap allows me to run the app on my computer, and access it on my phone by connecting through an IP address.

What's next for Broken Record

In the future, we would like to connect Broken Record to IBM's Watson Personality Insights. We could use this to analyze user input for positivity and overall changes in tone. If a user is entering increasingly negative statements, the app could preemptively offer resources, or prompt them to see a therapist. We would also like the app to remember statements made, in order to offer users positive feedback or encouragement based off of tone analysis or repeated patterns.

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