A lot of student struggle while going through college be it with money in their pockets, food in their stomachs, and(or) just some tutoring or internships/jobs of sorts. Why not help them gain an edge on life.

What it does

It provides students with cost effective cooking recipes that can be prepared in their dorms, provides students with job opportunities by the local business, and also provides the students with local deals by these same business by providing them with a discount on food by the participating location.

How we built it

Using Android studios.

Challenges we ran into

Database was a big challenge. We got it to work but only up until the last 5% of completion. Time is always a factor as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to produce something that we felt good about and for sure were able to have something tangible.

What we learned

Database takes some planning and consideration even on a smaller level.

What's next for Broke-Phi-Broke "A tool, a helper. a guide."

Refinement and hopefully put out into the app store this year.

Built With

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