The vast majority of college students are living on a very tight budget, and they do not even know how to properly manage the small amounts of money they have. We wanted to create something that would help students make sure that they don't starve for the week, or ever.

What it does

Asks student how much they make and want to save, while also making recommendations for how much that should be. Keeps track of their bank account and their total spending to determine if they are meeting their budget goals. We also set up a projection for how much money per week it would take to save a desired amount of money in a year given a student's current budget.

How I built it

Python API Anaconda

Challenges I ran into

Determining what information was necessary for establishing the budget Accounting for all of the types of input

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting it to work Coming up with up with an idea that was practical and might actually help students

What I learned

Be very vigilant in searching for redundancies in ideas and in code, as it can save lots of time

What's next for Broke

Develop a GUI so that users may interact with the app in the way they are used to.

Built With

  • anaconda-for-python
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