I dont know anybody who likes my kind of hobbies or places i want to trip

What it does

Input your outdoor hobbies an places you want to visit, look for people who likes the same and can travel at sane time as you, say if you like their stlye or nor, build your perfect travel group

How I built it

Basic desing on balsmiq and basic program idea on android studio and Appy-Pie for the App; HTML5 for the Web Page Also used Unity for AR, but ran into some issues with this.

Challenges I ran into

Im not a big expert on android, also it was the first time for me and my team using Unity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to pull out an almost complete project from an scratch idea in less than 24 hrs

What I learned

What's next for "AnBlu"

Improve the aspects of the web page and app that we did not got time to improve

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