The idea came from shopping at Walmart. Every time I go, I made grocery lists on my phone, then looked up the app for aisle numbers and then try to figure out what is the shortest path to pick all my groceries up. This got me thinking that all Walmart stores have a standard layout, so why not make the shopping list app very smart

What it does

You enter your grocery list and the app shows you if the product is in store or not, aisle numbers, and when you hit the Bro button, it rearranges the groceries in the most efficient way

How we built it

We mapped out two stores with an inventory of 40 products based on the Walmarts near UTD campus

Challenges we ran into

Having not much iOS experience

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We overcame the challenge and learned iOS development

What we learned

iOS dev and how does Walmart works

What's next for Broceries

Be integrated into the Walmart app and given access to Walmart's internal data to make it work at any Walmart

Built With

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