Productivity apps are traditionally limited by their bulkiness and the commercialization enforced by enterprises. In light of this, we decided to give the power back to the user. Brocast is a screen sharing app available as a Google Chrome Extension in the Chrome Web Store. Brocast live streams your desktop to any user, simply by sending them the generated URL. Users can collaborate through annotating the screen and optionally remotely controlling the host's computer.

Through the use of webRTC, brocast connects users via websockets which travel through our custom node.js signaling server. What sets brocast apart is its use of cutting edge webRTC technologies, which allows us to obtain not only captures windows, but the entire desktop.

The target for brocast ranges from education, where teachers can share their desktops with students, to troubleshooting, to server maintenance, to providing tech support for the tech illiterate. Brocast is ready to take on the heavyweights, and lend you a hand, the only way a true bro can. #bros4lyfe

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