Have wasted two days installing and configuring my laptop in my day job. When I could have worked on what I was hired for from day one. Manual jobs like installing and configuring need very little skill. We want to wipe out the effort and time wasted to install any software suite.

What it does

OSCM helps the users to easily share and deploy, along with backup and restore of, a techBundle. A techBundle is a combination of software, for example, "Eclipse + it's configuration + plugins, tomcat server + it's specific configuration" etc...

How we built it

With <3 and.... Python for full stack development, where backend was in Django and CLI was using 'click'. The backend was deployed on AWS.

Challenges we ran into

Cross-platform support: Example, one user uploads the software suite metadata from mac and another user pulls it in ubuntu.

Plugin-support: We weren't interested just in installing a bundle of software, we wanted to add every add-on which was present so that there is no effort from the user's side.

Supporting unknown software: Our backend learns and stores any new configuration it comes across and adds it to the ever growing supported configuration repository.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We solved the challenges we ran into. ;) Being able to build strong product instead of a simple hack prototype. Open Source <3

What we learned

Never say 'It's easy bro, I'll do it 20 mins.' Put in as much effort as possible to build very usable feature even though there is a large amount of effort required. This project can be something big!

What's next for Bro Code

Website to start rolling out the service at a price. See what people think about it. Actively remove bugs. Add more features and software support.

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