More than 15% front line medical personals are infected with COVID 19, 100 physicians so far died in Italy, etc. They are the selfless heroes and heroines that bear the human costs of this pandemic.

With sacrifices come exhaustion. And with fatigue and chronic stress cortisol gets released into circulation: decisions on life and death get slower, numbed, whole body gets affected and immune system depressed. Then, »burn-out« may only compounds the problems.

For the sake of our heroines and heroes, for our own safety and for whole community is our moral duty to stop exhaustion vicious side effects.

We are developing objective, data derived fatigue measure using eye-tracking and EEG. We build on existing technologies, off-the shelf components upgrading them for the occasions like this one. BRNoutID indicators are scientifically based. BRNoutID is “fast”, robust and indicative for individual and/or institution to have a warning. US Air Force pilots already used something of this sort in 1990's. Lately Volvo, Tesla and others uses similar technologies for driving safely.

Upgrading scientific discoveries in our fields of expertise, stacking existing solution for the battle against virus, we will fast scale up the BRNoutID. After the victory we envision the usage BRNoutID in any hospital, care-giving institution or even at home – whenever and wherever exhaustion might escalate.

Team BRNoutID builds on dr. Florea expertise in neurology, EEG and telemedicine. Dr. Bozic contributes his experience in BLCKB neuromarketing startup with 30.000 EEG datasets. Telcom ing. Jeraj brings to team his lessons learned in epilepsy, startups and Brussels policies as young elected politicians.



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Why we are doing this?


We - team BRNoutID - all work on neurological issues, de-stigmatisation, humanitarian efforts, ... The »AGE OF LONG EMERGENCIES« came like a black swan with COVID19 ... It will be known as PANDEMIC I (like WWI or WWII is defining moment for our time) Neurologist dr. Bogdan Lorber gave us insight:

TABOO topic between medical professionals:

"BURNOUT" of our first responders, frontline caregivers, those who sacrifice themselves – OUR HEROINES & HEROES! BUT nobody wants to admit exhaustion, nobody wants to talk about it and "burnout" individuals cannot talk about it! AND how many valuable personnel is »out«? How many may be infected? How many are not with us anymore?

SO we form BRNpoutID team, enlist help from anybody, put heads & hearts together, start brainstorming, working on MVPs and pivoting ... WE WILL WIN this battle! We have to! How hard can it be? We need your input, contribution, support ...

THANK YOU on behalf of all that do not speak out and all of us associated with BRNoutID.


The problem BRNoutID solves:

Identifying medical or other individuals, who has elevated cortisol levels due to stress, fatigue, exhaustion that can lead to so called »burn-out«. Our solution is touch-less, fast and non-demanding, easy for individual, so it doesn't burden the person.

The BRNoutID solution brings to the table:

We developed a concierge prototype using ADOBE XD on front end, using smartphone as a proof of concept for stand-alone device.

What you have done during the weekend?

Starting with EEG bio-markers in neurology, pivot to disposable EEG cap with sensors, pivot to eye tracing and pupil dilation devices as used in red zones of hospital emergency wards. Finally building up the solution on eye blinking published research. Proceeded to employed ready commercial and of the shelf equipment - MVP. Using fast tools to prove the concept.

The BRNoutID solution’s impact to the crisis:

Medical professionals with chronic elevated cortisol levels cannot made fast and accurate observations and decisions. U.S. national library of medicine defines yet another so called CF – »Compassion fatigue» - coming from exposure to a traumatized individuals. All of that get only worse in pandemic.

Our solution thus prevents individual exhaustion, consequently accidents, and infections. It does that by catching medical professionals either before entering protected areas and/or periodically checking them and like air traffic controllers directing them to rest.

The value of BRNoutID solution after the crisis:

There many professions, with high risks and high impacts of mistakes, like critical equipment operators, law enforcement officers, soldiers, pilots, etc.

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Slovenia: There are 7.600 physicians, 20.000 nurses and medical technician in Slovenia of 2 million. physician monthly salary 14.800 sick leave cost 80% 11.840.
substitute physician and the one on sick leave for 2 weeks 13.320 nurse monthly salary 4.820 sick leave 80% 3.856 substitute nurse and the one on sick leave for 2 weeks 8.676 1.396 COVID19 infected, 20% are caregivers 279 (26.4.2020)

Development costs: Developer - back end – monthly salary 40.000 Developer - front end – monthly salary 23.000 Graphic designer - monthly salary 23.000 UX designer - monthly salary 60.000 Support developer -monthly salary 23.000 Taking into account 3 months with 2 of each and 4 supports, management and overhead ...

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