We believe that everyone should have easy access to emerging technologies, no matter their geographic location or financial status.

We are especially passionate about making Pay ID accessible to the underbanked as well as the unbanked.

What it does

Brisk ID allows anyone with an SMS enabled mobile phone to easily and securely create and manage a Pay ID.

How we built it

We built a multi-tier application that is hosted in a multi-server environment. The following key technologies were used to develop Brisk ID:

  1. Twilio API
  2. Pay ID API
  3. AWS
  4. Microsoft .NET

Based on our vision, we acknowledged the following:

  • Not everyone has access to the internet
  • Currently there are 4.8 billion mobile phones in the world, of that number only 3.5 billion are smartphone users
  • All mobile phones are SMS enabled
  • Most people have access to a SMS enabled mobile phone

Taking this into consideration, we decided to implement a simple flow that allows a user to easily send SMS messages to create and manage their Pay ID seamlessly. Our implementation abstracts the Pay ID server from any interaction with the Twilio API. This is done with the use of two(2) servers that have the following responsibilities:

Server 1

This server has two(2) key functions:

  1. Handle all communication with Twilio
  2. Interact with our Pay ID Admin API's
Server 2

Is used to host our Pay ID server

Brisk ID High Level Implementation Overview

Brisk ID High Level Implementation Overview

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we ran into was articulating the flow in such a way that would be very easy for our users. Unlike other applications that offer the user a visual interface, we focused on how we could create a user experience that felt natural and intuitive to the user's needs while allowing the user to create and manage their Pay ID in a seamless manner via SMS messages.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We were able to take a user-first approach to design a simple and easy to understand system

What we learned

We discovered that making something simple to use is not so simple after all :)

What's next for Brisk ID

Brisk ID intends to highlight the need to make Pay ID globally accessible. With this in mind, we envision partnering with other fin-techs to promote Brisk ID to the underbanked and unbanked.

We believe that with the right partnerships, we will be able to continue to evolve Brisk ID to the point where our users can send, receive, and store value in a simple but secure way regardless of their accessibility to a smartphone or mobile data.

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