Our story

We all love traveling, it is what brings us here today. But having a long trip could be stressful, the baggage is heavy, you have to hustle through the airport, and also waiting to pickup your baggages and carrying it to your hotel. It’s exhausting!

What if we can do this differently? Nowadays we can do almost everything online at home including check-in your flight, printing your boarding pass, etc. Why not also get your baggages checked while you are still at home?

Our idea

Our idea provides you a simple app that lets you enter your travel detail, and then order an uber to pickup your baggages and send it to the airport! How convenient? Basically you will go through the airport process like a breeze. You can even deliver your baggage to the hotel you are staying!

How does it work?

So how does it work? We provide our passengers tracking devices such as iBeacon as a bag tag with all their travel information, and notify information about their baggages, for example, when the driver picked up the baggage, or when the baggages arrive the airport through certain check points.

Our drivers can download the Briopack driver app to select the baggages he wants to pickup on the map, and connect with the airport service for dispatch. We could also provide API not only for Uber but also 3rd-party delivery services.


With more and more people traveling for long distance, or traveling with families, the need for someone to take care of your baggages becomes very crucial for having a delightful travel experience. Airlines could provide our services as an extra benefits for people who’s booking their flights, and increase their ancillary revenue and customer loyalty.

And with the rising of delivery services and connections between users and service providers, Briopack can help disrupt the current airport experience, and make the whole process more seamless and delightful.

Team Tii

Team TII

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