Social Media Problem

Social media products are a great way to record and share memorable moments in your life. Unfortunately if these moments are not current, these posts often get lost in your feed or stream of content. It's clear that as these products have grown, they have incorporated so many new features and capabilities that they often bury the original purpose of the application with feature clutter. In addition, as people post memorable photos or text about their life in these products, the posts are often mixed within news articles, liked articles, suggested articles, and other frivolous posts, tweets, photos and comments seeking your attention.


We recognize the potential a social media product has in recording family histories. With Briobi, our mission is to create a free social media product that focuses on one objective: telling your life's story. Whether memories and photos are entered directly into Briobi or linked to other social media accounts, Briobi gives you one place to organize your memorable moments and eliminate the social media noise so you can tell your story.

You Already Know How To Use Briobi

By using a familiar look and feel common among popular social media products, Briobi is a product that many people will already know how to use. You don't have to learn a whole new way to post and share. The design is familiar but our purpose is focused on the idea of just recording and sharing your memories. Your life stream will show your memories, not news articles. Rather than scrolling through an endless list of photos or posts, Briobi allows you to define chapters in your life to easily filter down and narrow what memories are visible. You could have a chapter that shows memories from your years in high school, a chapter on family weddings, your parents, friends, football games, Jr. prom - you define your chapters. Chapters can group memories by a date range and categories that you define.

You can also easily create stories that present specific memories from your life. Stories are intended to be shared. This is an ideal way to tell your story: who you are and what you like.

But you may not want to share your memories. Maybe you just want a place to record what you want to remember. Everything you post on Briobi is private by default. Social interaction is built around sharing memories with others, but only those memories you choose, and with only those friends you want to see it. If you make a story or memory public, then the world will be able to enjoy your life.

Briobi also allows for pages where members share memories that may represent a family, organization, church, company - what ever you want. Pages can be limited to a specific group of members, or open to the public to view. You can create a family page where only your family members can view and post memories. This is a great way to gather photos and memories everyone has on their phone. You can create a page for a ward, church group, company, school or other groups where photos of activities, histories and memorable anecdotes can be shared. Again, access to these pages can be restricted to specific members of your group. Pages are not where you announce news or event information. Briobi pages are where you preserve news or event memories.

How we built Briobi

Our development team has many years of experience designing high volume products using similar design and implementation concepts that Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook use. We use many common social media design concepts in Briobi, if the concept relates to preserving your memories and telling your story.

What's next for Briobi

Official product launch is in 2016

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