To avoid any unnecessary risks with the actual COVID-19 situation, people should stay at home and, if possible, not go to the supermarket to buy foods. In this situation, the large online food suppliers, like leShop and coop@home, are overwhelmed with the demand and have weeks-long waiting lists.

On the other hand, the supply chain of a lot of farmers and small shop owners has broken away by the national stay-at-home policy. A lot of them have been creative and opened their own online shop. But since this is outside of their known business, this means a lot of additional work for them. Additionally, since the work is not coordinated, each of them has to reinvent the wheel. Finally, it is complicated for customers to find all these small online shops.

Our solution to the problems mentioned above is a digital marketplace for farmers and small food businesses, in a sense, kind of like or Amazon. But in contrast to these two, there is no centralized logistic or selection of providers and products. Our USP is the fast, UBER-like bike delivery system as a non-profit, that can also easily offered to third-parties, like Restaurants. We think local, also to provide an eco-friendly solution. Therefore, we see ourselves a little bit as the Airbnb of food delivery.

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