To centralize delivery services for purchasing from stores. This helps local stores, buyers with same day delivery, and the environment by carpooling purchase deliveries.

Combines items for purchase from different stores in the region into a single interface for purchasing.

By interfacing APIs with store components with an application and a database which pulls the relevant information from the APIs. (Note, API usage was removed for the demonstration (too many API pulls))

We changed our project a bunch of times because of the challenge requirements, along with team skills being decentralized. (I initially wanted to make a context managed react single page app, but due to team experience varying we ended up changing our plan a bunch of times until eventually I was told to just do it the simplest way to get it done).

I restarted the project for like the 10th time at like 4 am on the day of submission and somehow still got it 'done'. Though I used the API too much and lost my free API pulls and had to make a hardcoded sample DB to illustrate it.

Through the first iteration of the project before we realized the tracks were imposed, not challenges, we created a react-native app. Although I have experience wtih react my experience with react-native is limited so it was a great learning experience.

Obtaining an API key that isn't limited, linking the payment page, ensuring payment is secure, updating front end UI.

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