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Think of BringIt! as Uber for things; but instead of transporting people, BringIt! delivers items. As a crowd-sourcing delivery system, the users determine the details of the order. The deliverer could be near the purchase point and has plans to pass by the drop-off location. The goal is that the bring-along wouldn't affect the deliverer's plans and save the item requester's the time to retrieve the item themselves.

How it works

Any user, once logged in, can "Ask for Something" to be delivered to his/her vicinity. Alternatively, they can search for items that can be bought near them and look up their destinations, as well as the fee for its delivery. Once a deliverer accepts to "BringIt", the two users can see each other's contact info and message back and forth to confirm the details.

What we learnt

We learnt how to implement Node.js for the website. We also wrote our own APIs for the website in order to ease communication between functionalities. We learned how to parse JSON from an API generated webpage as well as how to implement Handlebars for more a dynamic webpage.

Challenges we encountered

There was difficulty setting up Node.js because we didn't experience with it. One of the challenges was to choose what would be a minimal viable product that we can deliver because we had a limited amount of time and an abundant number of features we wanted to implement. We also did an extensive amount of research on TripAdvisor APIs but determined it was unfit for our scenario.

What's next

We would like to implement a rating system so that dishonest people would be banned from using our services. In addition, there will be a secure payment system with Stripe in the near future. There can also be a chat system to allow instant communication between users.

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