College students host events all the time. Most are last minute because we're just here to have to good time as soon as we can, so we can get back to work. College students don't have the privilege of just funding an event alone. So we find friends to contribute and BRING THEIR OWN... cutlery, drinks, games, food and MANY MORE. But when people contribute different things that cost different values, how can they quickly figure out how to settle the money so they can maximise their time going wild and then going back to work..

What it does

Our app takes just a few clicks to settle all the transactions between the contributors electronically. All anyone has to do is input the Name and Amount paid for each contributor, and the app takes care of the rest.

How I built it

Java and Javafx. Using eclipse software for text-editing purposes. This java app is a draft and will be translated to Swift and XCode after the hackathon (To become iPhone and Andriod Apps).

Challenges I ran into

Bugs, many bugs, so many bugs

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned

What's next for Bring Your Own, PotLuck (See image gallery)

-iPhone App Platform -Android App Platform

  • Automatic Transfers and Transactions through Venmo, PayPal and Bank Accounts -GeoLocation for the location of the party

Built With

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