Toastmasters is an international organization that provides individuals a platform to practice public speaking. As international as it is, the evaluation processes that members follow are still archaic. Each member has a book that contains all his/her evaluation forms. A member that is about to make a speech passes the book to his/her evaluator to fill, who passes the book back to the member after the speech is done. The book is the only copy of the member's performance history, and becomes a problem when members forget to bring their books or misplace them.

What it does

This public OneDrive folder contains digitized versions of all the evaluation forms of the Toastmasters book. Members are to copy these forms to their own accounts and invite their evaluators to fill them in.

Since the forms are in the cloud at all times, speakers and evaluators can access/edit their forms from any Internet device while still maintaining the same view permissions as before, i.e., members cannot see the evaluations of other members except for speeches they evaluated.

How we built it

We run images of the physical forms through OCR (optical character recognition) to generate text. The text is parsed into Excel Survey forms through good ol' manual labor.

Challenges we ran into

Finding a solution that's hassle-free to Toastmasters members, i.e., no websites, no Android apps, no Chrome plugins.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A simple solution.

What I learned

Hacks don't require coding.

What's next for Bring Toastmasters out of the Stone Age

In the physical evaluation forms, some questions have a multiple-choice part in addition to a freeform text part for additional comments. These questions only have the multiple-choice part in digital form, because OneDrive doesn't allow more than one answer to a single question. In the future, we can include the freeform text part if we migrate to a more expressive survey platform.

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