Sears is having two problems :

  1. Sears customers attrition rate has been the highest in the retail industry for the last two decades.
  2. Sears has lost its touch with the younger population.

Solution : To tackle this issue, we developed a crowsourced platform which improves the stickiness of the existing customers and bring new customer base.

Benefits : Sears can have increased sales and improved customer loyalty

Customers: Same day delivery at a cheaper cost and earn money and reward points if they enroll as drivers.

Target users : Aged customers who can't come to the store, College Students who don't own a car and busy people who don't have time to visit store.

Key features : Same day delivery via crowdsourcing of Sears customers and Sears fleet effective utilization. Provide Sears Reward points to the driver, as well as a potential reward from the customer.

API : Product Search, Local Store, Apigee.

Technologies : HTML, Javascript, node.js, css

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