We always want to go on a short holiday, but it's always a mess to find the dates, planes and accomodations that could go with our budget. So we wanted to have a program where you could just input a budget that you would be able to spend in hotel and planes and let it take you away !

What it does

It tries to find the longest stay you could do in Europe for the budget you are ready to spend

How we built it

We used the skyscanner API's to find fligths between every possible date between now and the final date you gave the program And we tried for the hotel too

Challenges we ran into

We are two students in mathematics, and usually we code in C++. So for this hackathon, we had to learn Python and we discovered everything about API as well : these were instructive and quite fun challenge. Extractiong data requested from the API was demanding, and messy. We also had access to certain data only 4 hours before the due date, so it was quite intense

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned how to extract data with an API, and this was our first hackathon !!

What we learned

We learned how to code Python, what an API is and how to use it into our code

What's next for Take me away

Actual fully functionning program Optimization in the queries and of the running time, actual minimization of the price of the hotel, maybe an estimation of the cost of living, and prevision based on meteo

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