Value proposition For the services companies, who have trouble getting clients and suppliers on time, our platform connects and build the network for you, so you can spend your time searching for your clients in one place, instead of waiting for them to come to you. Description Pandemics are the main national risk management frameworks in many countries. As business we know how much frustrated and procrastinated process in this situation can be for the companies up to the solution. And that sometimes chain linking with institutions, suppliers, etc. slows down the process and consequently the monthly revenue. According to our pre-survey of our idea, 60% are lacking in Finding Clients/Customers, 20% Suppliers and 20% both. Soo... Solution We have found a way for the business to get in touch faster and easier with suppliers, clients, experts, consultant, trainers etc. To search for a joint solution, you can appeal to suppliers, clients, workers and financial entities. A platform that you open, Enter your details and Choose between Offer or Request services.

  1. through the sector and keywords filter all the Need Matchings are going to be displayed.
  2. They are already coming to us on CRM classified in groups and categories

It can save time with easy controls and finds solutions in a relatively short time. Target Groups:  Entrepreneurs  Small Companies  SME What can assure you that? Because we need the customer as much as we need the solution provider (the expert etc), therefore we push as much as we can for the things to be DONE at time from the both sides. The efficiency of the final result will be our NEED! In order for us to SUCCEED and have the ROI of SUCCEED we Need the customer and the provider to deliver in time with the market needs. Cons We know how competitive digitalization is or give company services out might be and how polemics between is this going to work or not. But our local business votes that would you rather pay to have more customers right now and 60% is considering in outsourcing by 20% that would do that for sure. We charge in two things:

  1. Sharing with experts 25% 2. Advertising So businesses pay to put their ads on our platform the platform will charge at the one who’s profiting the client. The Phases and When can this start? Next Monday!

It would be only one week of platform developing and marketing it at the same time. Strategy:  Telemarketing with the local companies, we’re planning start the implementation in Tirana.  Retesting it again in case of road-journey necessities  Second Phase will mark extending that and connecting the big cities together so we thought about the ones who’re going to have the highest demand, so we’ve thought Vlore, Fier, Korca, Durres, Tirane, Shkoder. Possible cost

  1. Host
  2. Domain
  3. SSL (for procurements) Telemarketing campaign
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